Song for Home Is Here CA

Tu Sme Doma, o.z. (Home Is Here, CA) supports and helps people with a mental disability or mental disorder so they can live their „normal“ life according to their dreams and can be part of everyday life in full value. We directly support people in the unit of supporting accommodation in which there are 24 residents with a permanent or temporary address. Through education, material support, and the organization of different events for residents of OZ Tu Sme Doma we help disadvantaged to not only dream but also to make it come true in a way they can find their way in life despite their restrictions. The unit of supporting accommodation in Hontianska street is one of the few supporting accommodations that are naturally incorporated into a regular family building area. The story of every resident is very strong and unique, but all are connected with a strong desire to live independent and full-valued life.

Together we try to help every resident to take responsibility for their life and household into their hands to the largest extent possible.