Song for Joy In Rajec

A non-profit organization in Rajec Ano Pre Zivot provides services of crisis intervention and specialized advice for pregnant women in need and mothers with children that are victims of domestic violence. Workers provide these mothers and children with a home, safety, and help with dealing with hard life situations and give them the chance to start over. Till the end of 2019, they helped more than 900 mothers and children deal with the critical life situation.

They created a sheltered workshop Rajecke radosti where these women bake homemade gingerbread. They transform their fear, sorrow, and pain in this very simple way into joy and hope. Besides that, the sheltered workshop Ano pre zivot created jobs for disabled people and disadvantaged people who have now a chance to develop their working skills and integrate into society. Up till now, jobs have been given to 16 health disadvantaged and 19 socially disadvantaged people.

“Better than to finance socially reliant people is to help them earn their living.”