Song for Invisible

STOP THE INVISIBILITY is part of the campaign “The European and Street Homelessness Campaign” that was organized by OZ STOPA and OZ PRIMA to show us what we can’t normally perceive or see. They can see people’s suffering where others only see a problem.

Charity concert Song for Neviditelni was a celebration of their activities. Brought the possibility to get to know people who can see those to whom no one pays attention. A human being carries a treasure inside them that we are not always able to see.

Concert took place in one of the biggest archive wine cellars in middle Europe. It brought also a photography exhibition STOP THE INVISIBILITY.

Our new and inspiring chef Filip Ondrusek drags guests into a gastronomic evening full of adventure and experiences of a global format with guided degustation of Slovak wines with sommelier Dominik Baranek. Singer Zuzana Frenova Malotova moderated the evening and covers also musical part accompanied by Richard Danel, Adam Hudec, and Maros Jancek.