Let’s Give More project

The pandemic brought many challenges for us in Art With Benefits as well. By implementation of restrictions, our events were canceled and we all stayed at home. Despite we could not meet in person, we did not stop helping. 

We prepared a project Let’s give more and with our partners, we have created a limited edition of degustation boxes in cooperation with Lunys. In this way, we were able to bring into your homes at least a part of the experience you could taste at our concerts Song For… Besides that this box brought a good quality gastronomic experience, by its purchase you donated to food help for association APPA. 

Association APPA helps disabled children and adult people. Its main goal is to provide broad help, support, and counseling mainly to people with a neurologic and motoric disorder of movement system and their family members. They are their support and advisors so no one feels lost and despite the hardship to belong somewhere and have someone to ask for advice and help. 

We are grateful that thanks to food help from the project Let’s give more Limited Edition we could become for a while part of this support.

"Thank you Art With Benefits that you in cooperation with Lunys decided to bring joy to our members in a form of food packages just right before the holidays. In times when there is minimum social contact, such a gesture warms the hearts a bit more. In the name of APPA club members, thank you.“

APPA Association